OCR Update: Controlled Assessment

If you’re about to get started with your first Controlled Assessment task, you may have a few questions…


When and where can teachers access the controlled assessment materials?

Controlled assessment tasks can be accessed from OCR Interchange. New tasks are uploaded to Interchange in June of each year. The newly uploaded tasks will be for submission two years later. Tasks for submission in the coming year will have been there for a year already.


When can controlled assessments be taken?

The controlled assessment tasks should be submitted for the June series of the year clearly indicated on the front cover of the task. They can be taken at any time, convenient to the centre, after they appear on the OCR Interchange website. This should, of course, be synchronised with the teaching of the appropriate module. Furthermore, some tasks, for instance, fieldwork or work with plants, may also be seasonal.

Each controlled assessment task is allocated to a specific June examination series. Marks awarded for that assessment must be submitted to OCR before May 15th in that examination year as they are not valid in any other year. There are always controlled assessments for both the current year and the subsequent year available on OCR Interchange, so care must be taken to select one for the correct year.


How long is each controlled assessment task valid for?

Each controlled assessment task is valid for submission in one examination year only. However, once submitted the marks are available for aggregation in any future certification, subject to terminal requirements (within the shelf life of the specification).

A controlled assessment task can be completed at any time in the two years prior to the submission date. However, the marks can only be submitted in the assessment year stated on the front cover of the task.


When should I do the controlled assessment?

The timing of the controlled assessment is entirely up to the centre within the period between the release of a task and the examination series for which the task is valid. However, timings should take account of the need:

• For candidates to have studied the modules and Ideas about Science relevant to the controlled assessment task

• For candidates to have gained the necessary skills

• To allow enough time for marking and internal standardisation before the 15th May, which is the deadline for submission of centre marks to OCR.


The above information has been provided by OCR. If you have any further questions, or would like to find out more, they have provided a comprehensive guide to controlled assessment. This is free and available to download from their website at www.gcse-science.com.